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Defines 8 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

get_user_avatar($avatar, $avatar_type, $avatar_width, $avatar_height, $alt = 'USER_AVATAR', $ignore_config = false, $lazy = false)   X-Ref
Get user avatar

param: string $avatar Users assigned avatar name
param: int $avatar_type Type of avatar
param: string $avatar_width Width of users avatar
param: string $avatar_height Height of users avatar
param: string $alt Optional language string for alt tag within image, can be a language key or text
param: bool $ignore_config Ignores the config-setting, to be still able to view the avatar in the UCP
param: bool $lazy If true, will be lazy loaded (requires JS)
return: string Avatar image

phpbb_hash($password)   X-Ref
Hash the password

param: string $password Password to be hashed
return: string|bool Password hash or false if something went wrong during hashing

phpbb_check_hash($password, $hash)   X-Ref
Check for correct password

param: string $password The password in plain text
param: string $hash The stored password hash
return: bool Returns true if the password is correct, false if not.

phpbb_clean_path($path)   X-Ref
Eliminates useless . and .. components from specified path.

Deprecated, use filesystem class instead

param: string $path Path to clean
return: string Cleaned path

tz_select($default = '', $truncate = false)   X-Ref
Pick a timezone

param: string        $default            A timezone to select
param: boolean        $truncate            Shall we truncate the options text
return: string        Returns the options for timezone selector only

cache_moderators()   X-Ref
Cache moderators. Called whenever permissions are changed
via admin_permissions. Changes of usernames and group names
must be carried through for the moderators table.

return: null

update_foes($group_id = false, $user_id = false)   X-Ref
Removes moderators and administrators from foe lists.

param: array|bool $group_id If an array, remove all members of this group from foe lists, or false to ignore
param: array|bool $user_id If an array, remove this user from foe lists, or false to ignore
return: null

get_user_rank($user_rank, $user_posts, &$rank_title, &$rank_img, &$rank_img_src)   X-Ref
Get user rank title and image

param: int $user_rank the current stored users rank id
param: int $user_posts the users number of posts
param: string &$rank_title the rank title will be stored here after execution
param: string &$rank_img the rank image as full img tag is stored here after execution
param: string &$rank_img_src the rank image source is stored here after execution

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