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Defines 10 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

get_available_dbms($dbms = false, $return_unavailable = false, $only_20x_options = false)   X-Ref
Returns an array of available DBMS with some data, if a DBMS is specified it will only
return data for that DBMS and will load its extension if necessary.

dbms_select($default = '', $only_20x_options = false)   X-Ref
Generate the drop down of available database options

get_tables(&$db)   X-Ref
Get tables of a database

connect_check_db($error_connect, &$error, $dbms_details, $table_prefix, $dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpasswd, $dbname, $dbport, $prefix_may_exist = false, $load_dbal = true, $unicode_check = true)   X-Ref
Used to test whether we are able to connect to the database the user has specified
and identify any problems (eg there are already tables with the names we want to use

param: array    $dbms should be of the format of an element of the array returned by {@link get_available_dbms get_available_dbms()}

phpbb_remove_comments($input)   X-Ref
Removes "/* style" as well as "# style" comments from $input.

param: string $input        Input string
return: string            Input string with comments removed

split_sql_file($sql, $delimiter)   X-Ref
split_sql_file will split an uploaded sql file into single sql statements.
Note: expects trim() to have already been run on $sql.

adjust_language_keys_callback($matches)   X-Ref
For replacing {L_*} strings with preg_replace_callback

phpbb_create_config_file_data($data, $dbms, $debug = false, $debug_container = false, $debug_test = false)   X-Ref
Creates the output to be stored in a phpBB config.php file

param: array    $data Array containing the database connection information
param: string    $dbms The name of the DBAL class to use
param: bool    $debug If the debug constants should be enabled by default or not
param: bool    $debug_container If the container should be compiled on
param: bool    $debug_test If the DEBUG_TEST constant should be added
return: string    The output to write to the file

phpbb_ignore_new_file_on_update($phpbb_root_path, $file)   X-Ref
Check whether a file should be ignored on update

We ignore new files in some circumstances:
1. The file is a language file, but the language is not installed
2. The file is a style file, but the style is not installed
3. The file is a style language file, but the language is not installed

param: string    $phpbb_root_path    phpBB root path
param: string    $file                File including path from phpbb root
return: bool        Should we ignore the new file or add it to the board?

phpbb_check_installation_exists($phpbb_root_path, $php_ext)   X-Ref
Check whether phpBB is installed.

param: string $phpbb_root_path    Path to the phpBB board root.
param: string $php_ext            PHP file extension.
return: bool Returns true if phpBB is installed.

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