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This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

Copyright: (c) phpBB Limited
License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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install_install:: (17 methods):

Class: install_install  - X-Ref


install_install(&$p_master)   X-Ref
No description

main($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
No description

check_server_requirements($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Checks that the server we are installing on meets the requirements for running phpBB

obtain_database_settings($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Obtain the information required to connect to the database

obtain_admin_settings($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Obtain the administrator's name, password and email address

create_config_file($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Writes the config file to disk, or if unable to do so offers alternative methods

obtain_advanced_settings($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Provide an opportunity to customise some advanced settings during the install
in case it is necessary for them to be set to access later

load_schema($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Load the contents of the schema into the database and then alter it based on what has been input during the installation

build_search_index($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Build the search index...

add_modules($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Populate the module tables

add_language($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Populate the language tables

add_bots($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Add search robots to the database

email_admin($mode, $sub)   X-Ref
Sends an email to the board administrator with their password and some useful links

disable_avatars_if_unwritable()   X-Ref
Check if the avatar directory is writable and disable avatars
if it isn't writable.

populate_migrations($extension_manager, $migrator)   X-Ref
Populate migrations for the installation

This "installs" all migrations from (root path)/phpbb/db/migrations/data.
"installs" means it adds all migrations to the migrations table, but does not
perform any of the actions in the migrations.

param: \phpbb\extension\manager $extension_manager
param: \phpbb\db\migrator $migrator

mail_auth_select($selected_method)   X-Ref
Generate a list of available mail server authentication methods

get_submitted_data()   X-Ref
Get submitted data

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