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auth_admin:: (12 methods):

Class: auth_admin  - X-Ref

ACP Permission/Auth class

__construct()   X-Ref
Init auth settings

get_mask($mode, $user_id = false, $group_id = false, $forum_id = false, $auth_option = false, $scope = false, $acl_fill = ACL_NEVER)   X-Ref
Get permission mask
This function only supports getting permissions of one type (for example a_)

param: set|view $mode defines the permissions we get, view gets effective permissions (checking user AND group permissions), set only gets the user or group permission set alone
param: mixed $user_id user ids to search for (a user_id or a group_id has to be specified at least)
param: mixed $group_id group ids to search for, return group related settings (a user_id or a group_id has to be specified at least)
param: mixed $forum_id forum_ids to search for. Defining a forum id also means getting local settings
param: string $auth_option the auth_option defines the permission setting to look for (a_ for example)
param: local|global $scope the scope defines the permission scope. If local, a forum_id is additionally required
param: ACL_NEVER|ACL_NO|ACL_YES $acl_fill defines the mode those permissions not set are getting filled with

get_role_mask($role_id)   X-Ref
Get permission mask for roles
This function only supports getting masks for one role

display_mask($mode, $permission_type, &$hold_ary, $user_mode = 'user', $local = false, $group_display = true)   X-Ref
Display permission mask (assign to template)

display_role_mask(&$hold_ary)   X-Ref
Display permission mask for roles

acl_add_option($options)   X-Ref
NOTE: this function is not in use atm
Add a new option to the list ... $options is a hash of form ->
$options = array(
'local'        => array('option1', 'option2', ...),
'global'    => array('optionA', 'optionB', ...)

acl_set($ug_type, $forum_id, $ug_id, $auth, $role_id = 0, $clear_prefetch = true)   X-Ref
Set a user or group ACL record

acl_set_role($role_id, $auth)   X-Ref
Set a role-specific ACL record

acl_delete($mode, $ug_id = false, $forum_id = false, $permission_type = false)   X-Ref
Remove local permission

assign_cat_array(&$category_array, $tpl_cat, $tpl_mask, $ug_id, $forum_id, $s_view, $show_trace = false)   X-Ref
Assign category to template
used by display_mask()

build_permission_array(&$permission_row, &$content_array, &$categories, $key_sort_array)   X-Ref
Building content array from permission rows with explicit key ordering
used by display_mask()

ghost_permissions($from_user_id, $to_user_id)   X-Ref
Use permissions from another user. This transferes a permission set from one user to another.
The other user is always able to revert back to his permission set.
This function does not check for lower/higher permissions, it is possible for the user to gain
"more" permissions by this.
Admin permissions will not be copied.

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