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bbcode:: (10 methods):

Class: bbcode  - X-Ref

BBCode class

__construct($bitfield = '')   X-Ref

bbcode_set_bitfield($bitfield = '')   X-Ref
Init bbcode cache entries if bitfield is specified

param: string    $bbcode_bitfield    The bbcode bitfield

bbcode_second_pass(&$message, $bbcode_uid = '', $bbcode_bitfield = false)   X-Ref
Second pass bbcodes

bbcode_cache_init()   X-Ref
Init bbcode cache

requires: $this->bbcode_bitfield
sets: $this->bbcode_cache with bbcode templates needed for bbcode_bitfield

bbcode_tpl($tpl_name, $bbcode_id = -1, $skip_bitfield_check = false)   X-Ref
Return bbcode template

bbcode_tpl_replace($tpl_name, $tpl)   X-Ref
Return bbcode template replacement

bbcode_list($type)   X-Ref
Second parse list bbcode

bbcode_second_pass_quote($username, $quote)   X-Ref
Second parse quote tag

bbcode_second_pass_code($type, $code)   X-Ref
Second parse code tag

bbcode_second_pass_by_extension()   X-Ref
Function to perform custom bbcode second pass by extensions
can be used to assign bbcode pattern replacement
Example: '#\[list=([^\[]+):$uid\]#e'    => "\$this->bbcode_second_pass_by_extension('\$1')"

Accepts variable number of parameters

return: mixed Second pass result

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