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Defines 3 classes

messenger:: (25 methods):

queue:: (6 methods):

smtp_class:: (15 methods):

Class: messenger  - X-Ref


__construct($use_queue = true)   X-Ref

reset()   X-Ref
Resets all the data (address, template file, etc etc) to default

set_addresses($user)   X-Ref
Set addresses for to/im as available

param: array $user User row

to($address, $realname = '')   X-Ref
Sets an email address to send to

cc($address, $realname = '')   X-Ref
Sets an cc address to send to

bcc($address, $realname = '')   X-Ref
Sets an bcc address to send to

im($address, $realname = '')   X-Ref
Sets a im contact to send to

replyto($address)   X-Ref
Set the reply to address

from($address)   X-Ref
Set the from address

subject($subject = '')   X-Ref
set up subject for mail

headers($headers)   X-Ref
set up extra mail headers

anti_abuse_headers($config, $user)   X-Ref
Adds X-AntiAbuse headers

param: \phpbb\config\config    $config        Config object
param: \phpbb\user            $user        User object
return: void

set_mail_priority($priority = MAIL_NORMAL_PRIORITY)   X-Ref
Set the email priority

template($template_file, $template_lang = '', $template_path = '', $template_dir_prefix = '')   X-Ref
Set email template to use

assign_vars($vars)   X-Ref
assign variables to email template

assign_block_vars($blockname, $vars)   X-Ref
No description

send($method = NOTIFY_EMAIL, $break = false)   X-Ref
Send the mail out to the recipients set previously in var $this->addresses

param: int    $method    User notification method NOTIFY_EMAIL|NOTIFY_IM|NOTIFY_BOTH
param: bool    $break    Flag indicating if the function only formats the subject
return: bool

error($type, $msg)   X-Ref
Add error message to log

save_queue()   X-Ref
Save to queue

generate_message_id()   X-Ref
Generates a valid message id to be used in emails

return: string message id

build_header($to, $cc, $bcc)   X-Ref
Return email header

msg_email()   X-Ref
Send out emails

msg_jabber()   X-Ref
Send jabber message out

setup_template()   X-Ref
Setup template engine

set_template_paths($path_name, $paths)   X-Ref
Set template paths to load

Class: queue  - X-Ref

handling email and jabber queue

__construct()   X-Ref

init($object, $package_size)   X-Ref
Init a queue object

put($object, $scope)   X-Ref
Put object in queue

process()   X-Ref
Process queue
Using lock file

save()   X-Ref
Save queue

smtpmail($addresses, $subject, $message, &$err_msg, $headers = false)   X-Ref
Replacement or substitute for PHP's mail command

Class: smtp_class  - X-Ref

SMTP Class
Auth Mechanisms originally taken from the AUTH Modules found within the PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR)
See docs/AUTHORS for more details

__construct()   X-Ref
No description

add_backtrace($message)   X-Ref
Add backtrace message for debugging

server_send($command, $private_info = false)   X-Ref
Send command to smtp server

server_parse($response, $line)   X-Ref
We use the line to give the support people an indication at which command the error occurred

close_session(&$err_msg)   X-Ref
Close session

log_into_server($hostname, $username, $password, $default_auth_method)   X-Ref
Log into server and get possible auth codes if neccessary

hello($hostname)   X-Ref

return: mixed        Null if the authentication process is supposed to continue

starttls()   X-Ref

return: bool        Returns true if TLS was started

pop_before_smtp($hostname, $username, $password)   X-Ref
Pop before smtp authentication

plain($username, $password)   X-Ref
Plain authentication method

login($username, $password)   X-Ref
Login authentication method

cram_md5($username, $password)   X-Ref
cram_md5 authentication method

digest_md5($username, $password)   X-Ref
digest_md5 authentication method
A real pain in the ***

mail_encode($str, $eol = "\r\n")   X-Ref
Encodes the given string for proper display in UTF-8.

This version is using base64 encoded data. The downside of this
is if the mail client does not understand this encoding the user
is basically doomed with an unreadable subject.

Please note that this version fully supports RFC 2045 section 6.8.

param: string $eol End of line we are using (optional to be backwards compatible)

phpbb_mail($to, $subject, $msg, $headers, $eol, &$err_msg)   X-Ref
Wrapper for sending out emails with the PHP's mail function

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