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manager:: (5 methods):

Class: manager  - X-Ref

Attachment manager

__construct(delete $delete, resync $resync, upload $upload)   X-Ref
Constructor for attachment manager

param: delete $delete Attachment delete class
param: resync $resync Attachment resync class
param: upload $upload Attachment upload class

delete($mode, $ids, $resync = true)   X-Ref
Wrapper method for deleting attachments

param: string $mode can be: post|message|topic|attach|user
param: mixed $ids can be: post_ids, message_ids, topic_ids, attach_ids, user_ids
param: bool $resync set this to false if you are deleting posts or topics
return: int|bool Number of deleted attachments or false if something

unlink($filename, $mode = 'file', $entry_removed = false)   X-Ref
Wrapper method for deleting attachments from filesystem

param: string $filename Filename of attachment
param: string $mode Delete mode
param: bool $entry_removed Whether entry was removed. Defaults to false
return: bool True if file was removed, false if not

resync($type, $ids)   X-Ref
Wrapper method for resyncing specified type

param: string $type Type of resync
param: array $ids IDs to resync

upload($form_name, $forum_id, $local = false, $local_storage = '', $is_message = false, $local_filedata = [])   X-Ref
Wrapper method for uploading attachment

param: string            $form_name        The form name of the file upload input
param: int            $forum_id        The id of the forum
param: bool            $local            Whether the file is local or not
param: string            $local_storage    The path to the local file
param: bool            $is_message        Whether it is a PM or not
param: array        $local_filedata    An file data object created for the local file
return: array File data array

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