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colour_manager:: (14 methods):

Class: colour_manager  - X-Ref

__construct($img, $background = false, $mode = 'ahsv')   X-Ref
Create the colour manager, link it to the image resource

get_resource($named_colour)   X-Ref
Lookup a named colour resource

name_colour($name, $resource)   X-Ref
Assign a name to a colour resource

allocate_named($name, $colour, $mode = false)   X-Ref
names and allocates a colour resource

allocate($colour, $mode = false)   X-Ref
allocates a specified colour into the image

random_colour($params = array()   X-Ref
randomly generates a colour, with optional params

colour_scheme($resource, $include_original = true)   X-Ref
No description

mono_range($resource, $count = 5, $include_original = true)   X-Ref
No description

model_convert($colour, $from_model, $to_model)   X-Ref
Convert from one colour model to another

hsv2rgb($hsv)   X-Ref
Slightly altered from wikipedia's algorithm

rgb2hsv($rgb)   X-Ref
(more than) Slightly altered from wikipedia's algorithm

normalize_hue(&$hue)   X-Ref
No description

ah2h($ahue)   X-Ref
Alternate hue to hue

h2ah($hue)   X-Ref
hue to Alternate hue

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