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non_gd:: (6 methods):

Class: non_gd  - X-Ref

Main non-gd captcha class

__construct()   X-Ref
Define filtered pngs on init

execute($code, $seed)   X-Ref
Create the image containing $code with a seed of $seed

randomise($scanline, $width)   X-Ref
This is designed to randomise the pixels of the image data within
certain limits so as to keep it readable. It also varies the image
width a little

png_chunk($length, $type, $data)   X-Ref
This creates a chunk of the given type, with the given data
of the given length adding the relevant crc

create_png($raw_image, $width, $height)   X-Ref
Creates greyscale 8bit png - The PNG spec can be found at
http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/spec/PNG-Contents.html we use
png because it's a fully recognised open standard and supported
by practically all modern browsers and OSs

define_filtered_pngs()   X-Ref
png image data
Each 'data' element is base64_encoded uncompressed IDAT

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