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Class: wrapper  - X-Ref

Cron task wrapper class.
Enhances cron tasks with convenience methods that work identically for all tasks.

__construct(\phpbb\cron\task\task $task, $phpbb_root_path, $php_ext)   X-Ref

Wraps a task $task, which must implement cron_task interface.

param: \phpbb\cron\task\task $task The cron task to wrap.
param: string $phpbb_root_path Relative path to phpBB root
param: string $php_ext PHP file extension

is_parametrized()   X-Ref
Returns whether the wrapped task is parametrised.

Parametrized tasks accept parameters during initialization and must
normally be scheduled with parameters.

return: bool        Whether or not this task is parametrized.

is_ready()   X-Ref
Returns whether the wrapped task is ready to run.

A task is ready to run when it is runnable according to current configuration
and enough time has passed since it was last run.

return: bool        Whether the wrapped task is ready to run.

get_url()   X-Ref
Returns a url through which this task may be invoked via web.

When system cron is not in use, running a cron task is accomplished
by outputting an image with the url returned by this function as

return: string        URL through which this task may be invoked.

__call($name, $args)   X-Ref
Forwards all other method calls to the wrapped task implementation.

return: mixed

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