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filesystem:: (24 methods):

Class: filesystem  - X-Ref

A class with various functions that are related to paths, files and the filesystem

__construct()   X-Ref

chgrp($files, $group, $recursive = false)   X-Ref

chmod($files, $perms = null, $recursive = false, $force_chmod_link = false)   X-Ref

chown($files, $user, $recursive = false)   X-Ref

clean_path($path)   X-Ref

copy($origin_file, $target_file, $override = false)   X-Ref

dump_file($filename, $content)   X-Ref

exists($files)   X-Ref

is_absolute_path($path)   X-Ref

is_readable($files, $recursive = false)   X-Ref

is_writable($files, $recursive = false)   X-Ref

make_path_relative($end_path, $start_path)   X-Ref

mirror($origin_dir, $target_dir, \Traversable $iterator = null, $options = array()   X-Ref

mkdir($dirs, $mode = 0777)   X-Ref

phpbb_chmod($files, $perms = null, $recursive = false, $force_chmod_link = false)   X-Ref

realpath($path)   X-Ref

remove($files)   X-Ref

rename($origin, $target, $overwrite = false)   X-Ref

symlink($origin_dir, $target_dir, $copy_on_windows = false)   X-Ref

touch($files, $time = null, $access_time = null)   X-Ref

phpbb_is_writable($file)   X-Ref
phpBB's implementation of is_writable

param: string    $file    file/directory to check if writable
return: bool    true if the given path is writable

phpbb_own_realpath($path)   X-Ref
Try to resolve real path when PHP's realpath failes to do so

param: string    $path
return: bool|string

to_iterator($files)   X-Ref
Convert file(s) to \Traversable object

This is the same function as Symfony's toIterator, but that is private
so we cannot use it.

param: string|array|\Traversable    $files    filename/list of filenames
return: \Traversable

resolve_path($path, $prefix = '', $absolute = false, $return_array = false)   X-Ref
Try to resolve symlinks in path

param: string    $path            The path to resolve
param: string    $prefix            The path prefix (on windows the drive letter)
param: bool         $absolute        Whether or not the path is absolute
param: bool        $return_array    Whether or not to return path parts
return: string|array|bool    returns the resolved path or an array of parts of the path if $return_array is true

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