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This file is part of the phpBB Forum Software package.

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License: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0)
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plupload:: (14 methods):

Class: plupload  - X-Ref

This class handles all server-side plupload functions

__construct($phpbb_root_path, \phpbb\config\config $config, \phpbb\request\request_interface $request, \phpbb\user $user, \bantu\IniGetWrapper\IniGetWrapper $php_ini, \phpbb\mimetype\guesser $mimetype_guesser)   X-Ref

param: string $phpbb_root_path
param: \phpbb\config\config $config
param: \phpbb\request\request_interface $request
param: \phpbb\user $user
param: \bantu\IniGetWrapper\IniGetWrapper $php_ini
param: \phpbb\mimetype\guesser $mimetype_guesser

handle_upload($form_name)   X-Ref
Plupload allows for chunking so we must check for that and assemble
the whole file first before performing any checks on it.

param: string $form_name The name of the file element in the upload form
return: array|null    null if there are no chunks to piece together

configure(\phpbb\cache\service $cache, \phpbb\template\template $template, $s_action, $forum_id, $max_files)   X-Ref
Fill in the plupload configuration options in the template

param: \phpbb\cache\service        $cache
param: \phpbb\template\template    $template
param: string                        $s_action The URL to submit the POST data to
param: int                        $forum_id The ID of the forum
param: int                        $max_files Maximum number of files allowed. 0 for unlimited.
return: null

is_active()   X-Ref
Checks whether the page request was sent by plupload or not

return: bool

is_multipart()   X-Ref
Returns whether the current HTTP request is a multipart request.

return: bool

emit_error($code, $msg)   X-Ref
Sends an error message back to the client via JSON response

param: int $code        The error code
param: string $msg    The translation string of the message to be sent
return: null

generate_filter_string(\phpbb\cache\service $cache, $forum_id)   X-Ref
Looks at the list of allowed extensions and generates a string
appropriate for use in configuring plupload with

param: \phpbb\cache\service $cache
param: string $forum_id The ID of the forum
return: string

generate_resize_string()   X-Ref
Generates a string that is used to tell plupload to automatically resize
files before uploading them.

return: string

get_chunk_size()   X-Ref
Checks various php.ini values and the maximum file size to determine
the maximum size chunks a file can be split up into for upload

return: int

temporary_filepath($file_name)   X-Ref
No description

integrate_uploaded_file($form_name, $chunk, $file_path)   X-Ref
Checks whether the chunk we are about to deal with was actually uploaded
by PHP and actually exists, if not, it generates an error

param: string $form_name The name of the file in the form data
return: null

prepare_temporary_directory()   X-Ref
Creates the temporary directory if it does not already exist.

return: null

set_default_directories()   X-Ref
Sets the default directories for uploads

return: null

set_upload_directories($upload_directory, $temporary_directory)   X-Ref
Sets the upload directories to the specified paths

param: string $upload_directory Upload directory
param: string $temporary_directory Temporary directory
return: null

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