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type_cast_helper:: (2 methods):

Class: type_cast_helper  - X-Ref

A helper class that provides convenience methods for type casting.

set_var(&$result, $var, $type, $multibyte = false, $trim = true)   X-Ref
Set variable $result to a particular type.

param: mixed    &$result        The variable to fill
param: mixed    $var            The contents to fill with
param: mixed    $type            The variable type. Will be used with {@link settype()}
param: bool    $multibyte        Indicates whether string values may contain UTF-8 characters.
param: bool    $trim            Indicates whether trim() should be applied to string values.

recursive_set_var(&$var, $default, $multibyte, $trim = true)   X-Ref
Recursively sets a variable to a given type using {@link set_var set_var}

param: string    $var        The value which shall be sanitised (passed by reference).
param: mixed    $default    Specifies the type $var shall have.
param: bool    $multibyte    Indicates whether string keys and values may contain UTF-8 characters.
param: bool    $trim        Indicates whether trim() should be applied to string values.

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