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data_access:: (9 methods):

Class: data_access  - X-Ref

Data access layer that fetchs BBCodes, smilies and censored words from the database.
To be extended to include insert/update/delete operations.

Also used to get templates.
__construct(\phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db, $bbcodes_table, $smilies_table, $styles_table, $words_table, $styles_path)   X-Ref

param: \phpbb\db\driver\driver_interface $db Database connection
param: string $bbcodes_table Name of the BBCodes table
param: string $smilies_table Name of the smilies table
param: string $styles_table  Name of the styles table
param: string $words_table   Name of the words table
param: string $styles_path   Path to the styles dir

get_bbcodes()   X-Ref
Return the list of custom BBCodes

return: array

get_smilies()   X-Ref
Return the list of smilies

return: array

get_styles()   X-Ref
Return the list of installed styles

return: array

get_styles_templates()   X-Ref
Return the bbcode.html template for every installed style

return: array 2D array. style_id as keys, each element is an array with a "template" element that contains the style's bbcode.html and a "bbcodes" element that contains the name of each BBCode that is to be stylised

resolve_style_filename(array $styles, array $style)   X-Ref
Resolve inheritance for given style and return the path to their bbcode.html file

param: array       $styles Associative array of [style_id => style] containing all styles
param: array       $style  Style for which we resolve
return: string|bool         Path to this style's bbcode.html, or FALSE

get_censored_words()   X-Ref
Return the list of censored words

return: array

decode_rowset(array $rows, array $columns)   X-Ref
Decode HTML special chars in given rowset

param: array $rows    Original rowset
param: array $columns List of columns to decode
return: array          Decoded rowset

fetch_decoded_rowset($sql, array $columns = [])   X-Ref
Fetch all rows for given query and decode plain text columns

param: string $sql     SELECT query
param: array  $columns List of columns to decode
return: array

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