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Defines 1 class

parser_interface:: (14 methods):

Interface: parser_interface  - X-Ref

parse($text)   X-Ref
Parse given text

param: string $text
return: string

disable_bbcode($name)   X-Ref
Disable a specific BBCode

param: string $name BBCode name
return: null

disable_bbcodes()   X-Ref
Disable BBCodes in general

disable_censor()   X-Ref
Disable the censor

disable_magic_url()   X-Ref
Disable magic URLs

disable_smilies()   X-Ref
Disable smilies

enable_bbcode($name)   X-Ref
Enable a specific BBCode

param: string $name BBCode name
return: null

enable_bbcodes()   X-Ref
Enable BBCodes in general

enable_censor()   X-Ref
Enable the censor

enable_magic_url()   X-Ref
Enable magic URLs

enable_smilies()   X-Ref
Enable smilies

get_errors()   X-Ref
Get the list of errors that were generated during last parsing

return: array[] Array of arrays. Each array contains a lang string at index 0 plus any number

set_var($name, $value)   X-Ref
Set a variable to be used by the parser

- max_font_size
- max_img_height
- max_img_width
- max_smilies
- max_urls

param: string $name
param: mixed  $value
return: null

set_vars(array $vars)   X-Ref
Set multiple variables to be used by the parser

param: array $vars Associative array of [name => value]
return: null

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