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Trait that provides methods for extract event listeners specified in an array and attaching them to an emitter owned by the object or one of its direct dependencies.

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attachListeners(HasEmitterInterface $object, array $listeners)   X-Ref
Attaches event listeners and properly sets their priorities and whether
or not they are are only executed once.

param: HasEmitterInterface $object    Object that has the event emitter.
param: array               $listeners Array of hashes representing event

prepareListeners(array $source, array $events)   X-Ref
Extracts the allowed events from the provided array, and ignores anything
else in the array. The event listener must be specified as a callable or
as an array of event listener data ("name", "fn", "priority", "once").

param: array $source Array containing callables or hashes of data to be
param: array $events Names of events to look for in the provided $source
return: array

buildListener($name, $data, &$listeners)   X-Ref
Creates a complete event listener definition from the provided array of
listener data. Also works recursively if more than one listeners are
contained in the provided array.

param: string         $name      Name of the event the listener is for.
param: array|callable $data      Event listener data to prepare.
param: array          $listeners Array of listeners, passed by reference.

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