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MessageFactory:: (6 methods):

Class: MessageFactory  - X-Ref

Default HTTP request factory used to create Request and Response objects.

__construct(array $customOptions = [])   X-Ref

param: array $customOptions Associative array of custom request option

createResponse($statusCode,array $headers = [],$body = null,array $options = [])   X-Ref
No description

createRequest($method, $url, array $options = [])   X-Ref
No description

fromMessage($message)   X-Ref
Create a request or response object from an HTTP message string

param: string $message Message to parse
return: RequestInterface|ResponseInterface

addPostData(RequestInterface $request, array $body)   X-Ref
Apply POST fields and files to a request to attempt to give an accurate

param: RequestInterface $request Request to update
param: array            $body    Body to apply

applyOptions(RequestInterface $request,array $options = [])   X-Ref
No description

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