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RequestInterface:: (16 methods):

Interface: RequestInterface  - X-Ref

Generic HTTP request interface

setUrl($url)   X-Ref
Sets the request URL.

The URL MUST be a string, or an object that implements the
`__toString()` method.

param: string $url Request URL.

getUrl()   X-Ref
Gets the request URL as a string.

return: string Returns the URL as a string.

getResource()   X-Ref
Get the resource part of the the request, including the path, query
string, and fragment.

return: string

getQuery()   X-Ref
Get the collection of key value pairs that will be used as the query
string in the request.

return: Query

setQuery($query)   X-Ref
Set the query string used by the request

param: array|Query $query Query to set

getMethod()   X-Ref
Get the HTTP method of the request.

return: string

setMethod($method)   X-Ref
Set the HTTP method of the request.

param: string $method HTTP method

getScheme()   X-Ref
Get the URI scheme of the request (http, https, etc.).

return: string

setScheme($scheme)   X-Ref
Set the URI scheme of the request (http, https, etc.).

param: string $scheme Scheme to set

getPort()   X-Ref
Get the port scheme of the request (e.g., 80, 443, etc.).

return: int

setPort($port)   X-Ref
Set the port of the request.

Setting a port modifies the Host header of a request as necessary.

param: int $port Port to set

getHost()   X-Ref
Get the host of the request.

return: string

setHost($host)   X-Ref
Set the host of the request including an optional port.

Including a port in the host argument will explicitly change the port of
the request. If no port is found, the default port of the current
request scheme will be utilized.

param: string $host Host to set (e.g. www.yahoo.com, www.yahoo.com:80)

getPath()   X-Ref
Get the path of the request (e.g. '/', '/index.html').

return: string

setPath($path)   X-Ref
Set the path of the request (e.g. '/', '/index.html').

param: string|array $path Path to set or array of segments to implode

getConfig()   X-Ref
Get the request's configuration options.

return: \GuzzleHttp\Collection

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