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PostBodyInterface:: (12 methods):

Interface: PostBodyInterface  - X-Ref

Represents a POST body that is sent as either a multipart/form-data stream
or application/x-www-urlencoded stream.

setField($name, $value)   X-Ref
Set a specific field

param: string       $name  Name of the field to set
param: string|array $value Value to set

setAggregator(callable $aggregator)   X-Ref
Set the aggregation strategy that will be used to turn multi-valued
fields into a string.

The aggregation function accepts a deeply nested array of query string
values and returns a flattened associative array of key value pairs.

param: callable $aggregator

forceMultipartUpload($force)   X-Ref
Set to true to force a multipart upload even if there are no files.

param: bool $force Set to true to force multipart uploads or false to

replaceFields(array $fields)   X-Ref
Replace all existing form fields with an array of fields

param: array $fields Associative array of fields to set

getField($name)   X-Ref
Get a specific field by name

param: string $name Name of the POST field to retrieve
return: string|null

removeField($name)   X-Ref
Remove a field by name

param: string $name Name of the field to remove

getFields($asString = false)   X-Ref
Returns an associative array of names to values or a query string.

param: bool $asString Set to true to retrieve the fields as a query
return: array|string

hasField($name)   X-Ref
Returns true if a field is set

param: string $name Name of the field to set
return: bool

getFiles()   X-Ref
Get all of the files

return: array Returns an array of PostFileInterface objects

getFile($name)   X-Ref
Get a POST file by name.

param: string $name Name of the POST file to retrieve
return: PostFileInterface|null

addFile(PostFileInterface $file)   X-Ref
Add a file to the POST

param: PostFileInterface $file File to add

clearFiles()   X-Ref
Remove all files from the collection

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