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Query:: (7 methods):

Class: Query  - X-Ref

Manages query string variables and can aggregate them into a string

fromString($query, $urlEncoding = true)   X-Ref
Parse a query string into a Query object

$urlEncoding is used to control how the query string is parsed and how
it is ultimately serialized. The value can be set to one of the

- true: (default) Parse query strings using RFC 3986 while still
converting "+" to " ".
- false: Disables URL decoding of the input string and URL encoding when
the query string is serialized.
- 'RFC3986': Use RFC 3986 URL encoding/decoding
- 'RFC1738': Use RFC 1738 URL encoding/decoding

param: string      $query       Query string to parse
param: bool|string $urlEncoding Controls how the input string is decoded
return: self

__toString()   X-Ref
Convert the query string parameters to a query string string

return: string

setAggregator(callable $aggregator)   X-Ref
Controls how multi-valued query string parameters are aggregated into a


param: callable $aggregator Callable used to convert a deeply nested

setEncodingType($type)   X-Ref
Specify how values are URL encoded

param: string|bool $type One of 'RFC1738', 'RFC3986', or false to disable encoding

duplicateAggregator()   X-Ref
Query string aggregator that does not aggregate nested query string
values and allows duplicates in the resulting array.

Example: http://test.com?q=1&q=2

return: callable

phpAggregator($numericIndices = true)   X-Ref
Aggregates nested query string variables using the same technique as

param: bool $numericIndices Pass false to not include numeric indices
return: callable

walkQuery(array $query, $keyPrefix, callable $prefixer)   X-Ref
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