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QueryParser:: (5 methods):

Class: QueryParser  - X-Ref

Parses query strings into a Query object.

While parsing, the parser will attempt to determine the most appropriate
query string aggregator to use when serializing the parsed query string
object back into a string. The hope is that parsing then serializing a
query string should be a lossless operation.

parseInto(Query $query, $str, $urlEncoding = true)   X-Ref
Parse a query string into a Query object.

param: Query       $query       Query object to populate
param: string      $str         Query string to parse
param: bool|string $urlEncoding How the query string is encoded

getDecoder($type)   X-Ref
Returns a callable that is used to URL decode query keys and values.

param: string|bool $type One of true, false, RFC3986, and RFC1738
return: callable|string

parsePhpValue($key, $value, array &$result)   X-Ref
Parses a PHP style key value pair.

param: string      $key    Key to parse (e.g., "foo[a][b]")
param: string|null $value  Value to set
param: array       $result Result to modify by reference

prepareNode(&$node, $key)   X-Ref
Prepares a value in the array at the given key.

If the key already exists, the key value is converted into an array.

param: array  $node Result node to modify
param: string $key  Key to add or modify in the node

cleanKey($node, $key)   X-Ref
Returns the appropriate key based on the node and key.

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