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Prepare:: (5 methods):

Class: Prepare  - X-Ref

Prepares requests with a body before sending

**Request Options**

- expect: Set to true to enable the "Expect: 100-Continue" header for a
request that send a body. Set to false to disable "Expect: 100-Continue".
Set to a number so that the size of the payload must be greater than the
number in order to send the Expect header. Setting to a number will send
the Expect header for all requests in which the size of the payload cannot
be determined or where the body is not rewindable.
getEvents()   X-Ref
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onBefore(BeforeEvent $event)   X-Ref
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addContentType(RequestInterface $request,StreamInterface $body)   X-Ref
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addContentLength(RequestInterface $request,StreamInterface $body)   X-Ref
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addExpectHeader(RequestInterface $request,StreamInterface $body)   X-Ref
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