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Redirect:: (5 methods):

Class: Redirect  - X-Ref

Subscriber used to implement HTTP redirects.

**Request options**

- redirect: Associative array containing the 'max', 'strict', and 'referer'

- max: Maximum number of redirects allowed per-request
- strict: You can use strict redirects by setting this value to ``true``.
Strict redirects adhere to strict RFC compliant redirection (e.g.,
redirect POST with POST) vs doing what most clients do (e.g., redirect
POST request with a GET request).
- referer: Set to true to automatically add the "Referer" header when a
redirect request is sent.
- protocols: Array of allowed protocols. Defaults to 'http' and 'https'.
When a redirect attempts to utilize a protocol that is not white listed,
an exception is thrown.
getEvents()   X-Ref
No description

rewindEntityBody(RequestInterface $redirectRequest)   X-Ref
Rewind the entity body of the request if needed

param: RequestInterface $redirectRequest

onComplete(CompleteEvent $event)   X-Ref
Called when a request receives a redirect response

param: CompleteEvent $event Event emitted

modifyRedirectRequest(RequestInterface $request,ResponseInterface $response)   X-Ref
No description

setRedirectUrl(RequestInterface $request,ResponseInterface $response,array $protocols)   X-Ref
Set the appropriate URL on the request based on the location header

param: RequestInterface  $request
param: ResponseInterface $response
param: array             $protocols

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