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Url:: (29 methods):

Class: Url  - X-Ref

Parses and generates URLs based on URL parts

fromString($url)   X-Ref
Factory method to create a new URL from a URL string

param: string $url Full URL used to create a Url object
return: Url

buildUrl(array $parts)   X-Ref
Build a URL from parse_url parts. The generated URL will be a relative
URL if a scheme or host are not provided.

param: array $parts Array of parse_url parts
return: string

__construct($scheme,$host,$username = null,$password = null,$port = null,$path = null,$query = null,$fragment = null)   X-Ref
Create a new URL from URL parts

param: string             $scheme   Scheme of the URL
param: string             $host     Host of the URL
param: string             $username Username of the URL
param: string             $password Password of the URL
param: int                $port     Port of the URL
param: string             $path     Path of the URL
param: Query|array|string $query    Query string of the URL
param: string             $fragment Fragment of the URL

__clone()   X-Ref
Clone the URL

__toString()   X-Ref
Returns the URL as a URL string

return: string

getParts()   X-Ref
Get the parts of the URL as an array

return: array

setHost($host)   X-Ref
Set the host of the request.

param: string $host Host to set (e.g. www.yahoo.com, yahoo.com)
return: Url

getHost()   X-Ref
Get the host part of the URL

return: string

setScheme($scheme)   X-Ref
Set the scheme part of the URL (http, https, ftp, etc.)

param: string $scheme Scheme to set

getScheme()   X-Ref
Get the scheme part of the URL

return: string

setPort($port)   X-Ref
Set the port part of the URL

param: int $port Port to set

getPort()   X-Ref
Get the port part of the URl.

If no port was set, this method will return the default port for the
scheme of the URI.

return: int|null

setPath($path)   X-Ref
Set the path part of the URL.

The provided URL is URL encoded as necessary.

param: string $path Path string to set

removeDotSegments()   X-Ref
Removes dot segments from a URL

addPath($relativePath)   X-Ref
Add a relative path to the currently set path.

param: string $relativePath Relative path to add

getPath()   X-Ref
Get the path part of the URL

return: string

getPathSegments()   X-Ref
Get the path segments of the URL as an array

return: array

setPassword($password)   X-Ref
Set the password part of the URL

param: string $password Password to set

getPassword()   X-Ref
Get the password part of the URL

return: null|string

setUsername($username)   X-Ref
Set the username part of the URL

param: string $username Username to set

getUsername()   X-Ref
Get the username part of the URl

return: null|string

getQuery()   X-Ref
Get the query part of the URL as a Query object

return: Query

setQuery($query, $rawString = false)   X-Ref
Set the query part of the URL.

You may provide a query string as a string and pass $rawString as true
to provide a query string that is not parsed until a call to getQuery()
is made. Setting a raw query string will still encode invalid characters
in a query string.

param: Query|string|array $query Query string value to set. Can
param: bool $rawString Set to true when providing a raw query string.

getFragment()   X-Ref
Get the fragment part of the URL

return: null|string

setFragment($fragment)   X-Ref
Set the fragment part of the URL

param: string $fragment Fragment to set

isAbsolute()   X-Ref
Check if this is an absolute URL

return: bool

combine($url)   X-Ref
Combine the URL with another URL and return a new URL instance.

Follows the rules specific in RFC 3986 section 5.4.

param: string $url Relative URL to combine with
return: Url

encodePath($path)   X-Ref
Encodes the path part of a URL without double-encoding percent-encoded
key value pairs.

param: string $path Path to encode
return: string

encodeMatch(array $match)   X-Ref
No description

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