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PublicScopeSimulator:: (6 methods):

Class: PublicScopeSimulator  - X-Ref

Generates code necessary to simulate a fatal error in case of unauthorized
access to class members in magic methods even when in child classes and dealing
with protected members.

getPublicAccessSimulationCode($operationType,$nameParameter,$valueParameter = null,PropertyGenerator $valueHolder = null,$returnPropertyName = null)   X-Ref
Generates code for simulating access to a property from the scope that is accessing a proxy.
This is done by introspecting `debug_backtrace()` and then binding a closure to the scope
of the parent caller.

param: string            $operationType      operation to execute: one of 'get', 'set', 'isset' or 'unset'
param: string            $nameParameter      name of the `name` parameter of the magic method
param: string|null       $valueParameter     name of the `value` parameter of the magic method
param: PropertyGenerator $valueHolder        name of the property containing the target object from which
param: string|null       $returnPropertyName name of the property to which we want to assign the result of
return: string

getUndefinedPropertyNotice($operationType, $nameParameter)   X-Ref
This will generate code that triggers a notice if access is attempted on a non-existing property

param: string $operationType
param: string $nameParameter
return: string

getByRefReturnValue($operationType)   X-Ref
Defines whether the given operation produces a reference.

Note: if the object is a wrapper, the wrapped instance is accessed directly. If the object
is a ghost or the proxy has no wrapper, then an instance of the parent class is created via
on-the-fly unserialization

param: string $operationType
return: string

getTargetObject(PropertyGenerator $valueHolder = null)   X-Ref
Retrieves the logic to fetch the object on which access should be attempted

param: PropertyGenerator $valueHolder
return: string

getOperation($operationType, $nameParameter, $valueParameter)   X-Ref

param: string      $operationType
param: string      $nameParameter
param: string|null $valueParameter
return: string

getScopeReBind()   X-Ref
Generates code to bind operations to the parent scope if supported by the current PHP implementation

return: string

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