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NullObjectFunctionalTest:: (10 methods):

Class: NullObjectFunctionalTest  - X-Ref

Tests for {@see \ProxyManager\ProxyGenerator\NullObjectGenerator} produced objects

testMethodCalls($className, $instance, $method, $params, $expectedValue)   X-Ref

testMethodCallsAfterUnSerialization($className, $instance, $method, $params, $expectedValue)   X-Ref

testMethodCallsAfterCloning($className, $instance, $method, $params, $expectedValue)   X-Ref

testPropertyReadAccess($instance, $proxy, $publicProperty, $propertyValue)   X-Ref

testPropertyWriteAccess($instance, $proxy, $publicProperty)   X-Ref

testPropertyExistence($instance, $proxy, $publicProperty)   X-Ref

testPropertyUnset($instance, $proxy, $publicProperty)   X-Ref

generateProxy($parentClassName)   X-Ref
Generates a proxy for the given class name, and retrieves its class name

param: string $parentClassName
return: string

getProxyMethods()   X-Ref
Generates a list of object | invoked method | parameters | expected result

return: array

getPropertyAccessProxies()   X-Ref
Generates proxies and instances with a public property to feed to the property accessor methods

return: array

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