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ExtendedPromiseInterface:: (4 methods):

Interface: ExtendedPromiseInterface  - X-Ref

done(callable $onFulfilled = null, callable $onRejected = null, callable $onProgress = null)   X-Ref
Consumes the promise's ultimate value if the promise fulfills, or handles the
ultimate error.

It will cause a fatal error if either `$onFulfilled` or
`$onRejected` throw or return a rejected promise.

Since the purpose of `done()` is consumption rather than transformation,
`done()` always returns `null`.

param: callable|null $onFulfilled
param: callable|null $onRejected
param: callable|null $onProgress This argument is deprecated and should not be used anymore.
return: void

otherwise(callable $onRejected)   X-Ref
Registers a rejection handler for promise. It is a shortcut for:

$promise->then(null, $onRejected);

Additionally, you can type hint the `$reason` argument of `$onRejected` to catch
only specific errors.

param: callable $onRejected
return: ExtendedPromiseInterface

always(callable $onFulfilledOrRejected)   X-Ref
Allows you to execute "cleanup" type tasks in a promise chain.

It arranges for `$onFulfilledOrRejected` to be called, with no arguments,
when the promise is either fulfilled or rejected.

* If `$promise` fulfills, and `$onFulfilledOrRejected` returns successfully,
`$newPromise` will fulfill with the same value as `$promise`.
* If `$promise` fulfills, and `$onFulfilledOrRejected` throws or returns a
rejected promise, `$newPromise` will reject with the thrown exception or
rejected promise's reason.
* If `$promise` rejects, and `$onFulfilledOrRejected` returns successfully,
`$newPromise` will reject with the same reason as `$promise`.
* If `$promise` rejects, and `$onFulfilledOrRejected` throws or returns a
rejected promise, `$newPromise` will reject with the thrown exception or
rejected promise's reason.

`always()` behaves similarly to the synchronous finally statement. When combined
with `otherwise()`, `always()` allows you to write code that is similar to the familiar
synchronous catch/finally pair.

Consider the following synchronous code:

try {
return doSomething();
} catch(\Exception $e) {
return handleError($e);
} finally {

Similar asynchronous code (with `doSomething()` that returns a promise) can be

return doSomething()

param: callable $onFulfilledOrRejected
return: ExtendedPromiseInterface

progress(callable $onProgress)   X-Ref
Registers a handler for progress updates from promise. It is a shortcut for:

$promise->then(null, null, $onProgress);

param: callable $onProgress
return: ExtendedPromiseInterface

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