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Functions that are not part of a class:

executeAttributePreprocessors(tag, tagConfig)   X-Ref
Execute all the attribute preprocessors of given tag

param: {!Tag}    tag       Source tag
param: {!Object} tagConfig Tag's config

filterAttributes(tag, tagConfig, registeredVars, logger)   X-Ref
Filter the attributes of given tag

param: {!Tag}    tag            Tag being checked
param: {!Object} tagConfig      Tag's config
param: {!Object} registeredVars Unused
param: {!Logger} logger         This parser's Logger instance

filterTag(tag)   X-Ref
Execute a tag's filterChain

param: {!Tag} tag Tag to filter

executeAttributeFilterChain(filterChain, attrName, attrValue)   X-Ref
Execute an attribute's filterChain

param: {!Array} filterChain Attribute's filterChain
param: {string} attrName    Attribute's name
param: {*}      attrValue   Original value
return: {*}                  Filtered value

executeAttributePreprocessor(tag, attrName, regexp, map)   X-Ref
Execute an attribute preprocessor

param: {!Tag}            tag
param: {!string}         attrName
param: {!RegExp}         regexp
param: {!Array<!string>} map

getNamedCaptures(attrValue, regexp, map)   X-Ref
Execute a regexp and return the values of the mapped captures

param: {!string}                  attrValue
param: {!RegExp}                  regexp
param: {!Array<!string>}          map
return: {!Object<!string,!string>}

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