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Defines 8 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

decode(str)   X-Ref

isAfterWhitespace(pos)   X-Ref
No description

isAlnum(chr)   X-Ref
Test whether given character is alphanumeric

param: {string}  chr
return: {boolean}

isBeforeWhitespace(pos)   X-Ref
Test whether given position is followed by whitespace

param: {number}  pos
return: {boolean}

isSurroundedByAlnum(pos, len)   X-Ref
Test whether a length of text is surrounded by alphanumeric characters

param: {number}  pos Start of the text
param: {number}  len Length of the text
return: {boolean}

isWhitespace(chr)   X-Ref
Test whether given character is an ASCII whitespace character

NOTE: newlines are normalized to LF before parsing so we don't have to check for CR

param: {string}  chr
return: {boolean}

markBoundary(pos)   X-Ref
Mark the boundary of a block in the original text

param: {number} pos

overwrite(pos, len)   X-Ref
Overwrite part of the text with substitution characters ^Z (0x1A)

param: {number} pos Start of the range
param: {number} len Length of text to overwrite

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