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DebugClassLoader:: (6 methods):

Class: DebugClassLoader  - X-Ref

Autoloader checking if the class is really defined in the file found.

The ClassLoader will wrap all registered autoloaders
and will throw an exception if a file is found but does
not declare the class.

__construct($classLoader)   X-Ref

param: callable|object $classLoader Passing an object is @deprecated since version 2.5 and support for it will be removed in 3.0

getClassLoader()   X-Ref
Gets the wrapped class loader.

return: callable|object A class loader. Since version 2.5, returning an object is @deprecated and support for it will be removed in 3.0

enable()   X-Ref
Wraps all autoloaders.

disable()   X-Ref
Disables the wrapping.

findFile($class)   X-Ref
Finds a file by class name.

param: string $class A class name to resolve to file
return: string|null

loadClass($class)   X-Ref
Loads the given class or interface.

param: string $class The name of the class
return: bool|null True, if loaded

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