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ResolveDefinitionTemplatesPass:: (3 methods):

Class: ResolveDefinitionTemplatesPass  - X-Ref

This replaces all DefinitionDecorator instances with their equivalent fully
merged Definition instance.

process(ContainerBuilder $container)   X-Ref
Process the ContainerBuilder to replace DefinitionDecorator instances with their real Definition instances.

resolveArguments(ContainerBuilder $container, array $arguments, $isRoot = false)   X-Ref
Resolves definition decorator arguments.

param: ContainerBuilder $container The ContainerBuilder
param: array            $arguments An array of arguments
param: bool             $isRoot    If we are processing the root definitions or not
return: array

resolveDefinition(ContainerBuilder $container, DefinitionDecorator $definition)   X-Ref
Resolves the definition.

param: ContainerBuilder    $container  The ContainerBuilder
param: DefinitionDecorator $definition
return: Definition

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