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XmlFileLoader:: (14 methods):

Class: XmlFileLoader  - X-Ref

XmlFileLoader loads XML files service definitions.

load($resource, $type = null)   X-Ref

supports($resource, $type = null)   X-Ref

parseParameters(\DOMDocument $xml)   X-Ref
Parses parameters.

param: \DOMDocument $xml

parseImports(\DOMDocument $xml, $file)   X-Ref
Parses imports.

param: \DOMDocument $xml
param: string       $file

parseDefinitions(\DOMDocument $xml, $file)   X-Ref
Parses multiple definitions.

param: \DOMDocument $xml
param: string       $file

parseDefinition(\DOMElement $service, $file)   X-Ref
Parses an individual Definition.

param: \DOMElement $service
param: string      $file
return: Definition|null

parseFileToDOM($file)   X-Ref
Parses a XML file to a \DOMDocument.

param: string $file Path to a file
return: \DOMDocument

processAnonymousServices(\DOMDocument $xml, $file)   X-Ref
Processes anonymous services.

param: \DOMDocument $xml
param: string       $file

getArgumentsAsPhp(\DOMElement $node, $name, $lowercase = true)   X-Ref
Returns arguments as valid php types.

param: \DOMElement $node
param: string      $name
param: bool        $lowercase
return: mixed

getChildren(\DOMNode $node, $name)   X-Ref
Get child elements by name.

param: \DOMNode $node
param: mixed    $name
return: array

validateSchema(\DOMDocument $dom)   X-Ref
Validates a documents XML schema.

param: \DOMDocument $dom
return: bool

validateExtensions(\DOMDocument $dom, $file)   X-Ref
Validates an extension.

param: \DOMDocument $dom
param: string       $file

loadFromExtensions(\DOMDocument $xml)   X-Ref
Loads from an extension.

param: \DOMDocument $xml

convertDomElementToArray(\DOMElement $element)   X-Ref
Converts a \DOMElement object to a PHP array.

The following rules applies during the conversion:

* Each tag is converted to a key value or an array
if there is more than one "value"

* The content of a tag is set under a "value" key (<foo>bar</foo>)
if the tag also has some nested tags

* The attributes are converted to keys (<foo foo="bar"/>)

* The nested-tags are converted to keys (<foo><foo>bar</foo></foo>)

param: \DOMElement $element A \DOMElement instance
return: array A PHP array

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