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Class: Reference  - X-Ref

Reference represents a service reference.

__construct($id, $invalidBehavior = ContainerInterface::EXCEPTION_ON_INVALID_REFERENCE, $strict = true)   X-Ref
Note: The $strict parameter is deprecated since version 2.8 and will be removed in 3.0.

param: string $id              The service identifier
param: int    $invalidBehavior The behavior when the service does not exist
param: bool   $strict          Sets how this reference is validated

__toString()   X-Ref

return: string The service identifier

getInvalidBehavior()   X-Ref
Returns the behavior to be used when the service does not exist.

return: int

isStrict($triggerDeprecationError = true)   X-Ref
Returns true when this Reference is strict.

return: bool

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