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/vendor/symfony/finder/Adapter/ -> AbstractAdapter.php (summary)

Interface for finder engine implementations.

Author: Jean-Fran├žois Simon <contact@jfsimon.fr>
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Defines 16 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

isSupported()   X-Ref

setFollowLinks($followLinks)   X-Ref

setMode($mode)   X-Ref

setDepths(array $depths)   X-Ref

setExclude(array $exclude)   X-Ref

setNames(array $names)   X-Ref

setNotNames(array $notNames)   X-Ref

setContains(array $contains)   X-Ref

setNotContains(array $notContains)   X-Ref

setSizes(array $sizes)   X-Ref

setDates(array $dates)   X-Ref

setFilters(array $filters)   X-Ref

setSort($sort)   X-Ref

setPath(array $paths)   X-Ref

setNotPath(array $notPaths)   X-Ref

ignoreUnreadableDirs($ignore = true)   X-Ref

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