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Command:: (18 methods):

Class: Command  - X-Ref

__construct(Command $parent = null)   X-Ref

__toString()   X-Ref
Returns command as string.

return: string

create(Command $parent = null)   X-Ref
Creates a new Command instance.

return: self

escape($input)   X-Ref
Escapes special chars from input.

param: string $input A string to escape
return: string The escaped string

quote($input)   X-Ref
Quotes input.

param: string $input An argument string
return: string The quoted string

add($bit)   X-Ref
Appends a string or a Command instance.

param: string|Command $bit
return: $this

top($bit)   X-Ref
Prepends a string or a command instance.

param: string|Command $bit
return: $this

arg($arg)   X-Ref
Appends an argument, will be quoted.

param: string $arg
return: $this

cmd($esc)   X-Ref
Appends escaped special command chars.

param: string $esc
return: $this

ins($label)   X-Ref
Inserts a labeled command to feed later.

param: string $label The unique label
return: self|string

get($label)   X-Ref
Retrieves a previously labeled command.

param: string $label
return: self|string

end()   X-Ref
Returns parent command (if any).

return: self

length()   X-Ref
Counts bits stored in command.

return: int The bits count

setErrorHandler(\Closure $errorHandler)   X-Ref

return: $this

getErrorHandler()   X-Ref

return: \Closure|null

execute()   X-Ref
Executes current command.

return: array The command result

join()   X-Ref
Joins bits.

return: string

addAtIndex($bit, $index)   X-Ref
No description

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