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File:: (6 methods):

Class: File  - X-Ref

A file in the file system.

__construct($path, $checkPath = true)   X-Ref
Constructs a new file from the given path.

param: string $path      The path to the file
param: bool   $checkPath Whether to check the path or not

guessExtension()   X-Ref
Returns the extension based on the mime type.

If the mime type is unknown, returns null.

This method uses the mime type as guessed by getMimeType()
to guess the file extension.

return: string|null The guessed extension or null if it cannot be guessed

getMimeType()   X-Ref
Returns the mime type of the file.

The mime type is guessed using a MimeTypeGuesser instance, which uses finfo(),
mime_content_type() and the system binary "file" (in this order), depending on
which of those are available.

return: string|null The guessed mime type (e.g. "application/pdf")

move($directory, $name = null)   X-Ref
Moves the file to a new location.

param: string $directory The destination folder
param: string $name      The new file name
return: self A File object representing the new file

getTargetFile($directory, $name = null)   X-Ref
No description

getName($name)   X-Ref
Returns locale independent base name of the given path.

param: string $name The new file name
return: string containing

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