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Class: MimeTypeGuesser  - X-Ref

A singleton mime type guesser.

By default, all mime type guessers provided by the framework are installed
(if available on the current OS/PHP setup).

You can register custom guessers by calling the register() method on the
singleton instance. Custom guessers are always called before any default ones.

$guesser = MimeTypeGuesser::getInstance();
$guesser->register(new MyCustomMimeTypeGuesser());

If you want to change the order of the default guessers, just re-register your
preferred one as a custom one. The last registered guesser is preferred over
previously registered ones.

Re-registering a built-in guesser also allows you to configure it:

$guesser = MimeTypeGuesser::getInstance();
$guesser->register(new FileinfoMimeTypeGuesser('/path/to/magic/file'));

getInstance()   X-Ref
Returns the singleton instance.

return: self

reset()   X-Ref
Resets the singleton instance.

__construct()   X-Ref
Registers all natively provided mime type guessers.

register(MimeTypeGuesserInterface $guesser)   X-Ref
Registers a new mime type guesser.

When guessing, this guesser is preferred over previously registered ones.

guess($path)   X-Ref
Tries to guess the mime type of the given file.

The file is passed to each registered mime type guesser in reverse order
of their registration (last registered is queried first). Once a guesser
returns a value that is not NULL, this method terminates and returns the

param: string $path The path to the file
return: string The mime type or NULL, if none could be guessed

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