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RedirectResponse:: (4 methods):

Class: RedirectResponse  - X-Ref

RedirectResponse represents an HTTP response doing a redirect.

__construct($url, $status = 302, $headers = array()   X-Ref
Creates a redirect response so that it conforms to the rules defined for a redirect status code.

param: string $url     The URL to redirect to. The URL should be a full URL, with schema etc.,
param: int    $status  The status code (302 by default)
param: array  $headers The headers (Location is always set to the given URL)

create($url = '', $status = 302, $headers = array()   X-Ref
Factory method for chainability.

param: string $url     The url to redirect to
param: int    $status  The response status code
param: array  $headers An array of response headers
return: static

getTargetUrl()   X-Ref
Returns the target URL.

return: string target URL

setTargetUrl($url)   X-Ref
Sets the redirect target of this response.

param: string $url The URL to redirect to
return: $this

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