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Class: LegacyPdoSessionHandler  - X-Ref

Session handler using a PDO connection to read and write data.

Session data is a binary string that can contain non-printable characters like the null byte.
For this reason this handler base64 encodes the data to be able to save it in a character column.

This version of the PdoSessionHandler does NOT implement locking. So concurrent requests to the
same session can result in data loss due to race conditions.

__construct(\PDO $pdo, array $dbOptions = array()   X-Ref

List of available options:
* db_table: The name of the table [required]
* db_id_col: The column where to store the session id [default: sess_id]
* db_data_col: The column where to store the session data [default: sess_data]
* db_time_col: The column where to store the timestamp [default: sess_time]

param: \PDO  $pdo       A \PDO instance
param: array $dbOptions An associative array of DB options

open($savePath, $sessionName)   X-Ref

close()   X-Ref

destroy($sessionId)   X-Ref

gc($maxlifetime)   X-Ref

read($sessionId)   X-Ref

write($sessionId, $data)   X-Ref

getMergeSql()   X-Ref
Returns a merge/upsert (i.e. insert or update) SQL query when supported by the database.

return: string|null The SQL string or null when not supported

getConnection()   X-Ref
Return a PDO instance.

return: \PDO

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