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MockFileSessionStorage:: (7 methods):

Class: MockFileSessionStorage  - X-Ref

MockFileSessionStorage is used to mock sessions for
functional testing when done in a single PHP process.

No PHP session is actually started since a session can be initialized
and shutdown only once per PHP execution cycle and this class does
not pollute any session related globals, including session_*() functions
or session.* PHP ini directives.

__construct($savePath = null, $name = 'MOCKSESSID', MetadataBag $metaBag = null)   X-Ref

param: string      $savePath Path of directory to save session files
param: string      $name     Session name
param: MetadataBag $metaBag  MetadataBag instance

start()   X-Ref

regenerate($destroy = false, $lifetime = null)   X-Ref

save()   X-Ref

destroy()   X-Ref
Deletes a session from persistent storage.
Deliberately leaves session data in memory intact.

getFilePath()   X-Ref
Calculate path to file.

return: string File path

read()   X-Ref
Reads session from storage and loads session.

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