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Class: Client  - X-Ref

Client simulates a browser and makes requests to a Kernel object.

__construct(HttpKernelInterface $kernel, array $server = array()   X-Ref

param: HttpKernelInterface $kernel    An HttpKernel instance
param: array               $server    The server parameters (equivalent of $_SERVER)
param: History             $history   A History instance to store the browser history
param: CookieJar           $cookieJar A CookieJar instance to store the cookies

doRequest($request)   X-Ref
Makes a request.

return: Response A Response instance

getScript($request)   X-Ref
Returns the script to execute when the request must be insulated.

return: string

getHandleScript()   X-Ref
No description

filterRequest(DomRequest $request)   X-Ref
Converts the BrowserKit request to a HttpKernel request.

return: Request A Request instance

filterFiles(array $files)   X-Ref
Filters an array of files.

This method created test instances of UploadedFile so that the move()
method can be called on those instances.

If the size of a file is greater than the allowed size (from php.ini) then
an invalid UploadedFile is returned with an error set to UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE.

return: array An array with all uploaded files marked as already moved

filterResponse($response)   X-Ref
Converts the HttpKernel response to a BrowserKit response.

return: DomResponse A DomResponse instance

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