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ControllerResolver:: (6 methods):

Class: ControllerResolver  - X-Ref

This implementation uses the '_controller' request attribute to determine
the controller to execute and uses the request attributes to determine
the controller method arguments.

__construct(LoggerInterface $logger = null)   X-Ref
If scalar types exists.

getController(Request $request)   X-Ref

This method looks for a '_controller' request attribute that represents
the controller name (a string like ClassName::MethodName).

getArguments(Request $request, $controller)   X-Ref

doGetArguments(Request $request, $controller, array $parameters)   X-Ref

param: Request                $request
param: callable               $controller
param: \ReflectionParameter[] $parameters
return: array The arguments to use when calling the action

createController($controller)   X-Ref
Returns a callable for the given controller.

param: string $controller A Controller string
return: callable A PHP callable

instantiateController($class)   X-Ref
Returns an instantiated controller.

param: string $class A class name
return: object

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