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ControllerResolverInterface:: (2 methods):

Interface: ControllerResolverInterface  - X-Ref

A ControllerResolverInterface implementation knows how to determine the
controller to execute based on a Request object.

It can also determine the arguments to pass to the Controller.

A Controller can be any valid PHP callable.

getController(Request $request)   X-Ref
Returns the Controller instance associated with a Request.

As several resolvers can exist for a single application, a resolver must
return false when it is not able to determine the controller.

The resolver must only throw an exception when it should be able to load
controller but cannot because of some errors made by the developer.

return: callable|false A PHP callable representing the Controller,

getArguments(Request $request, $controller)   X-Ref
Returns the arguments to pass to the controller.

param: Request  $request    A Request instance
param: callable $controller A PHP callable
return: array An array of arguments to pass to the controller

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