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HIncludeFragmentRenderer:: (6 methods):

Class: HIncludeFragmentRenderer  - X-Ref

Implements the Hinclude rendering strategy.

__construct($templating = null, UriSigner $signer = null, $globalDefaultTemplate = null, $charset = 'utf-8')   X-Ref

param: EngineInterface|Environment $templating            An EngineInterface or a Twig instance
param: UriSigner                   $signer                A UriSigner instance
param: string                      $globalDefaultTemplate The global default content (it can be a template name or the content)
param: string                      $charset

setTemplating($templating)   X-Ref
Sets the templating engine to use to render the default content.

param: EngineInterface|Environment|null $templating An EngineInterface or an Environment instance

hasTemplating()   X-Ref
Checks if a templating engine has been set.

return: bool true if the templating engine has been set, false otherwise

render($uri, Request $request, array $options = array()   X-Ref

Additional available options:

* default:    The default content (it can be a template name or the content)
* id:         An optional hx:include tag id attribute
* attributes: An optional array of hx:include tag attributes

templateExists($template)   X-Ref

param: string $template
return: bool

getName()   X-Ref

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