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Class: Ssi  - X-Ref

Ssi implements the SSI capabilities to Request and Response instances.

__construct(array $contentTypes = array('text/html', 'text/xml', 'application/xhtml+xml', 'application/xml')   X-Ref

param: array $contentTypes An array of content-type that should be parsed for SSI information

getName()   X-Ref

createCacheStrategy()   X-Ref

hasSurrogateCapability(Request $request)   X-Ref

addSurrogateCapability(Request $request)   X-Ref

addSurrogateControl(Response $response)   X-Ref

needsParsing(Response $response)   X-Ref

renderIncludeTag($uri, $alt = null, $ignoreErrors = true, $comment = '')   X-Ref

process(Request $request, Response $response)   X-Ref

handle(HttpCache $cache, $uri, $alt, $ignoreErrors)   X-Ref

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