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StoreInterface:: (8 methods):

Interface: StoreInterface  - X-Ref

Interface implemented by HTTP cache stores.

lookup(Request $request)   X-Ref
Locates a cached Response for the Request provided.

return: Response|null A Response instance, or null if no cache entry was found

write(Request $request, Response $response)   X-Ref
Writes a cache entry to the store for the given Request and Response.

Existing entries are read and any that match the response are removed. This
method calls write with the new list of cache entries.

return: string The key under which the response is stored

invalidate(Request $request)   X-Ref
Invalidates all cache entries that match the request.

lock(Request $request)   X-Ref
Locks the cache for a given Request.

return: bool|string true if the lock is acquired, the path to the current lock otherwise

unlock(Request $request)   X-Ref
Releases the lock for the given Request.

return: bool False if the lock file does not exist or cannot be unlocked, true otherwise

isLocked(Request $request)   X-Ref
Returns whether or not a lock exists.

return: bool true if lock exists, false otherwise

purge($url)   X-Ref
Purges data for the given URL.

param: string $url A URL
return: bool true if the URL exists and has been purged, false otherwise

cleanup()   X-Ref
Cleanups storage.

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