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FileProfilerStorage:: (9 methods):

Class: FileProfilerStorage  - X-Ref

Storage for profiler using files.

__construct($dsn)   X-Ref
Constructs the file storage using a "dsn-like" path.

Example : "file:/path/to/the/storage/folder"

param: string $dsn The DSN

find($ip, $url, $limit, $method, $start = null, $end = null)   X-Ref

purge()   X-Ref

read($token)   X-Ref

write(Profile $profile)   X-Ref

getFilename($token)   X-Ref
Gets filename to store data, associated to the token.

param: string $token
return: string The profile filename

getIndexFilename()   X-Ref
Gets the index filename.

return: string The index filename

readLineFromFile($file)   X-Ref
Reads a line in the file, backward.

This function automatically skips the empty lines and do not include the line return in result value.

param: resource $file The file resource, with the pointer placed at the end of the line to read
return: mixed A string representing the line or null if beginning of file is reached

createProfileFromData($token, $data, $parent = null)   X-Ref
No description

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