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DumperCollection:: (11 methods):

Class: DumperCollection  - X-Ref

Collection of routes.

all()   X-Ref
Returns the children routes and collections.

return: self[]|DumperRoute[]

add($child)   X-Ref
Adds a route or collection.

param: DumperRoute|DumperCollection The route or collection

setAll(array $children)   X-Ref
Sets children.

param: array $children The children

getIterator()   X-Ref
Returns an iterator over the children.

return: \Iterator|DumperCollection[]|DumperRoute[] The iterator

getRoot()   X-Ref
Returns the root of the collection.

return: self The root collection

getParent()   X-Ref
Returns the parent collection.

return: self|null The parent collection or null if the collection has no parent

setParent(DumperCollection $parent)   X-Ref
Sets the parent collection.

hasAttribute($name)   X-Ref
Returns true if the attribute is defined.

param: string $name The attribute name
return: bool true if the attribute is defined, false otherwise

getAttribute($name, $default = null)   X-Ref
Returns an attribute by name.

param: string $name    The attribute name
param: mixed  $default Default value is the attribute doesn't exist
return: mixed The attribute value

setAttribute($name, $value)   X-Ref
Sets an attribute by name.

param: string $name  The attribute name
param: mixed  $value The attribute value

setAttributes($attributes)   X-Ref
Sets multiple attributes.

param: array $attributes The attributes

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