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PhpMatcherDumper:: (11 methods):

Class: PhpMatcherDumper  - X-Ref

PhpMatcherDumper creates a PHP class able to match URLs for a given set of routes.

dump(array $options = array()   X-Ref
Dumps a set of routes to a PHP class.

Available options:

* class:      The class name
* base_class: The base class name

param: array $options An array of options
return: string A PHP class representing the matcher class

__construct(RequestContext \$context)   X-Ref
This class has been auto-generated
by the Symfony Routing Component.

addExpressionLanguageProvider(ExpressionFunctionProviderInterface $provider)   X-Ref
No description

generateMatchMethod($supportsRedirections)   X-Ref
Generates the code for the match method implementing UrlMatcherInterface.

param: bool $supportsRedirections Whether redirections are supported by the base class
return: string Match method as PHP code

match(\$rawPathinfo)   X-Ref
No description

compileRoutes(RouteCollection $routes, $supportsRedirections)   X-Ref
Generates PHP code to match a RouteCollection with all its routes.

param: RouteCollection $routes               A RouteCollection instance
param: bool            $supportsRedirections Whether redirections are supported by the base class
return: string PHP code

compilePrefixRoutes(DumperPrefixCollection $collection, $supportsRedirections, $parentPrefix = '')   X-Ref
Generates PHP code recursively to match a tree of routes.

param: DumperPrefixCollection $collection           A DumperPrefixCollection instance
param: bool                   $supportsRedirections Whether redirections are supported by the base class
param: string                 $parentPrefix         Prefix of the parent collection
return: string PHP code

compileRoute(Route $route, $name, $supportsRedirections, $parentPrefix = null)   X-Ref
Compiles a single Route to PHP code used to match it against the path info.

param: Route       $route                A Route instance
param: string      $name                 The name of the Route
param: bool        $supportsRedirections Whether redirections are supported by the base class
param: string|null $parentPrefix         The prefix of the parent collection used to optimize the code
return: string PHP code

groupRoutesByHostRegex(RouteCollection $routes)   X-Ref
Groups consecutive routes having the same host regex.

The result is a collection of collections of routes having the same host regex.

param: RouteCollection $routes A flat RouteCollection
return: DumperCollection A collection with routes grouped by host regex in sub-collections

buildPrefixTree(DumperCollection $collection)   X-Ref
Organizes the routes into a prefix tree.

Routes order is preserved such that traversing the tree will traverse the
routes in the origin order.

return: DumperPrefixCollection

getExpressionLanguage()   X-Ref
No description

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