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Router:: (17 methods):

Class: Router  - X-Ref

The Router class is an example of the integration of all pieces of the
routing system for easier use.

__construct(LoaderInterface $loader, $resource, array $options = array()   X-Ref

param: LoaderInterface $loader   A LoaderInterface instance
param: mixed           $resource The main resource to load
param: array           $options  An array of options
param: RequestContext  $context  The context
param: LoggerInterface $logger   A logger instance

setOptions(array $options)   X-Ref
Sets options.

Available options:

* cache_dir:              The cache directory (or null to disable caching)
* debug:                  Whether to enable debugging or not (false by default)
* generator_class:        The name of a UrlGeneratorInterface implementation
* generator_base_class:   The base class for the dumped generator class
* generator_cache_class:  The class name for the dumped generator class
* generator_dumper_class: The name of a GeneratorDumperInterface implementation
* matcher_class:          The name of a UrlMatcherInterface implementation
* matcher_base_class:     The base class for the dumped matcher class
* matcher_dumper_class:   The class name for the dumped matcher class
* matcher_cache_class:    The name of a MatcherDumperInterface implementation
* resource_type:          Type hint for the main resource (optional)
* strict_requirements:    Configure strict requirement checking for generators
implementing ConfigurableRequirementsInterface (default is true)

param: array $options An array of options

setOption($key, $value)   X-Ref
Sets an option.

param: string $key   The key
param: mixed  $value The value

getOption($key)   X-Ref
Gets an option value.

param: string $key The key
return: mixed The value

getRouteCollection()   X-Ref

setContext(RequestContext $context)   X-Ref

getContext()   X-Ref

setConfigCacheFactory(ConfigCacheFactoryInterface $configCacheFactory)   X-Ref
Sets the ConfigCache factory to use.

generate($name, $parameters = array()   X-Ref

match($pathinfo)   X-Ref

matchRequest(Request $request)   X-Ref

getMatcher()   X-Ref
Gets the UrlMatcher instance associated with this Router.

return: UrlMatcherInterface A UrlMatcherInterface instance

getGenerator()   X-Ref
No description

addExpressionLanguageProvider(ExpressionFunctionProviderInterface $provider)   X-Ref
No description

getGeneratorDumperInstance()   X-Ref
This method is public because it needs to be callable from a closure in PHP 5.3. It should be converted back to protected in 3.0.

return: GeneratorDumperInterface

getMatcherDumperInstance()   X-Ref
This method is public because it needs to be callable from a closure in PHP 5.3. It should be converted back to protected in 3.0.

return: MatcherDumperInterface

getConfigCacheFactory()   X-Ref
Provides the ConfigCache factory implementation, falling back to a
default implementation if necessary.

return: ConfigCacheFactoryInterface

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